Become a Leader in DigiTech Education

Where do you want to take DigiTech Education in your school? Want to plan and teach DigiTech in a creative and engaging way? Are you looking for support in planning your next term for delivering the curriculum?

We’ve been funded by Education Queensland to support Queensland teachers in teaching the ACARA Digital Technologies curriculum, which makes our service free. Our approach is based upon key principles of design thinking, co-design, student engagement and capacity building.

Ways we can support you

We provide you and your colleagues with support through co-design. What this means is that we respect that you know what will work best in the classroom, and support you in bringing a design framework to your teaching. Pragmatically, this type of support can look like: being a sounding board for pedagogical ideas; connecting you to fantastic resources that are out there; suggesting ways to connect to other teachers; coming up with ideas to integrate the technology parts of the curriculum; sharing ideas between schools; and much more.

Our goal is to help teachers by bringing to the table:

  • Design-led pedagogy as a framework for strong student engagement, along with an understanding of learning design
  • An broad knowledge of the wide variety of DigiTech resources out there that are available to teachers (which can be challenging to find and use)
  • A deep understanding of the ACARA DigiTech curriculum

Our online workshops focus on:

  • Design thinking for teachers
  • Using existing resources, including all of the previous templates that we have co-designed with other teachers for DigiTech through design
  • Co-designing to adapt the learning design to fit your school’s context and needs

Get involved

We’ve started out small, working with select Queensland schools to implement the ACARA Digital Technologies curriculum for years 9 and 10, with a focus upon teaching using a design approach for developing 21st century skills. We began with inner city Brisbane schools, and worked closely to co-design a whole term of study through a number of design workshops and using OneNote as a vehicle for online collaboration.

We are now offering support to other teachers across Queensland who are curious to develop their design skills and willing to try something different. If you are interested in this opportunity or have any questions, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact someone from the team or complete the form below.