About our work

Our project, Digitech Through Design, has received funding from Education Queensland to work with Queensland teachers throughout the state, and help them to plan for teaching the ACARA Digital Technologies curriculum in a way that is engaging for students and creative for all involved.

Our approach to this project is based upon principles of design thinking, co-design, student engagement, and capacity building of teachers. Read more about these principles. We’re finding that this approach has surprising and far-reaching benefits for teachers.

We’ve started out small, working with select Queensland schools to implement the ACARA Digital Technologies curriculum for years 9 and 10, with a focus upon teaching using a design approach for developing 21st century skills.

Based on our work with these schools, we’ve developed a model for teacher professional development that we’re calling Co-Design for Curriculum Planning. We’re currently working to conduct the research that is needed to scale up the approach.

Our goal is to be able to offer schools across Australia quality professional development whenever new or updated curricula require teachers to learn new content or pedagogical approaches. Through co-design workshops and ongoing support we support teachers to achieve their learning goals, in a way that is contextual to their school, and maximises student engagement.


Since 2017 we have achieved the following milestones:

  • Used our professional development through co-design model with two Queensland state schools to plan out a term of Digital Technologies;
  • Iteratively developed the model by working closely with teachers, providing support during term time and making improvements along the way;
  • Ensured that the model works “at a distance” so that we can collaborate with rural schools across Queensland;
  • Developed a toolkit of resources and activities for structuring co-design between our team and teachers;
  • Interviewed teachers to investigate the model so that it can be shared widely and the ideas made accessible to others.
  • Published a growing collection of project outcomes to describe project findings and share resources.
  • Created a networked learning portfolio for teachers who have taken part in CDCP to maintain contact and share their experiences.

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Are you a teacher, principal, or academic interested in being a part of the project?

The project team are based at QUT Gardens Point. We are:

Prof Les Dawes
Natalie Wright
Dr Nick Kelly
Dr Jeremy Kerr
Amanda Robertson
Kathy Nickels

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